Do you do it or keep clean or confetti it up?

Your photographer will say Go Crazy With It!!

Wanting natural fun unposed photos is the biggest request I get as a wedding photographer. This is achievable but they still need some setting up! Movement is KEY for this! 

For this particular blog I'm focusing on the ceremony exit and different ideas that can get your guest's involved, smiles on faces, arms in the air and the focus being on the two of you!! Confetti is a GREAT use for this. 

Keep the Confetti for the Ceremony Exit. The celebrat announces "Mr & Mrs" and you start your way back down the isle. Half way your going to want to stop and have another kiss(a dip kiss is perfect). 

Live it, love it & remember it!! 

This is when your guests have some fun. Throwing Confetti in the air the sky it filled with movement with the soft colours framing this passionate kiss of a newly Mr & Mrs. It's just perfect...picture perfect! 

Bigger isn't always better but it is when it comes to confetti. I've added in some to make it easy for you!